A Chelsdrawsyou Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

A Chelsdrawsyou Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are coming atcha fast. Blink – and before you know it, you’ll be waking up to all of those twinkly, sweet-smelling, cozy, holidays feels. Don’t let the panic of not knowing what you’re going to gift those super special people on your list ruin your jolly holiday spirit! You could certainly pick up that bath and body works gift set…again, or you could give them something different, unique, and thoughtful - like an original customized iPhone fingerpainting portrait!

Looking back at some of the custom gifts I’ve created uniquely for customers all over the world in the past couple of years has made me realize that no matter who you’re looking to buy for, there’s a way that we can make them feel like one-in-a-million.

Including but not limited to;

Family Illustration Christmas Gift by Chelsdrawsyou

Those Pesky In-Laws ;)

There are some real horror stories about in-laws out there. I don’t think Natasha will be running into any problems with hers though – she definitely scored a ton of points by gifting a custom portrait to her mother-in-law for Christmas that included her hubby, his mom (aka her mother-in-law), and their pup.

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Custom Portrait Christmas Gift by Chelsdrawsyou

Throwin it back for mom and dad

Vintage is all the rage, so why not incorporate some of this magical nostalgia while creating a custom portrait this holiday? Mark did just that and had me recreate a one-of-a-kind photo from 1976 of his dad, brother, and him. It’s wicked cool and groovy – especially those tennis racket pants!  

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Custom Portrait Christmas Gift by Chelsdrawsyou

Your One True Love

You’ve probably snapped tons of pics together, so this could really be as simple as choosing your fav and having me replicate it. Or we could go completely over-the-top and add in all the bell’s and whistles – it’s totally up to you! Whatever the end result, I’m honoured to create these special pieces so often – there is a lot of love in this world to go around. And the holiday season is a perfect time to celebrate it!


Custom Portrait Christmas Gift for Best Friends by Chelsdrawsyou


If your friends are actually the family you choose, there’s no better way to commemorate those clothes-swapping, late-night talking, us-against-the-world moments then by a unique iPhone fingerpainting. – because could you guys look any cuter together! That’s what I did for Katie and her roommates, who by the way, are living their best sex-and-the-city life in NYC!

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Custom Portrait Christmas Gift by Chelsdrawsyou


Maybe you’ve recently started a family of your own

It’s so so special - that time in your life when you start creating this unit that’s precious and perfect and all yours. Ari surprised his beautiful wife with this custom portrait of their young family. This request was even sweeter because 80% of my clientele are women. So attention gentlemen; a guaranteed way to melt her heart is to gift her a portrait of her all-time favourite people. Trust me - it will mean the world to her!

*Custom Portrait order deadline is November 15th!*

Custom Portrait Christmas Gift by Chelsdrawsyou

…But there’s always room for the whole fam jam

Maybe you really want to include the whole clan (I’m talkin cousins and pets) even though it’s impossible to get everyone together for a photo. Alicia and I created this piece by combining three different photographs together. This is exactly why I give you the option to add up to five different pictures to your online custom portrait order.

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Custom Portrait Christmas Gift by Chelsdrawsyou

And then there are the Instagrammers in your life

You know they want to be unique while still representing themselves (and their brand) as accurately as possible. That’s where I come in. I started creating custom highlight covers for Instagram Stories so that your Instagram Page can look & feel exactly how you want it to – with a little flair of creativity, you’re #aesthetic can be (and stay) on fleek!

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 Custom Portrait Gift Guide @ Chelsdrawsyou

Can't figure out what picture to use? A Chelsdrawsyou Gift Card will solve that! 

We recently added the option of purchasing a gift card for your special person! Sometimes the right photo just hasn't happened yet or maybe you would like to surprise a future bride and groom with a wedding guestbook portrait! Either way, the gift card solves this and you can purchase them online!  

After you have purchased your gift card, I will e-mail you a high quality printable gift card with a unique coupon code on it (see product image). The recipient of the gift card will be able to use this code at checkout for their custom portrait! 

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People like gifts that you’ve put some thought into. A giftcard to VS is great, and a surprise Benjamin Franklin in a Christmas card sure does help with the gas money, but the ones that people are going to remember - or maybe even shed a tear of joy over - are those ideas that are uniquely constructed by you – with love at the forefront. Nothing beats that – especially during the holidays. So place your order here and let’s get creating together! 

*Custom Portrait order deadline is November 15th!* Gift Certificates will be available now through Christmas!  

Unique Christmas Gift Idea by Chelsdrawsyou

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Chelsdrawsyou Custom Portrait Christmas Gift Guide

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