A Picture Perfect Gift for The Couple Who Has Everything

A Picture Perfect Gift for The Couple Who Has Everything

When Harry Met Sally (Or Meghan)…They Got Engaged!

They popped the question. The answer was yes. You thought the hard part was over. Errr..not so much. Now it’s gift-giving time – and you want to provide a unique one right? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered for all the different kinds of love out there - especially since the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are the busiest for engagements. Find your couple below and let me recreate something special for you to give them that they’ll never forget.


Whether it’s fishing, cave exploring, kayaking, or ziplining, these couples need a little more substance than your typical dinner & a movie. So if your friends are the type that are never short on really rad photos with equally cool backgrounds, like a rustic wilderness or a field of wildflowers, simply send me one (or two or three) for reference and I can recreate the most perfect natural scene that encompasses all the things they love so much (including each other!). 


Maxine had me recreate this moment from their engagement shoot. They wanted to have the rustic forest background incorporated but with less detail. Perfect – I can do abstract!


Is your life really complete without them? Maybe they weren’t actually there when they asked, but you want to include them anyway. Even if a picture doesn’t exist with your best furry friend(s) in it, I can create an image from scratch by combining any number of photo references you give me. This is exactly what Nathalie’s friend did for her - now her pup is permanently a part of that special day.

The Perfect Engagement Gift by Chelsdrawsyou


Maybe they got engaged underneath the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower or as the sun rose across the desert in Marrakech. Wherever in the world their once-in-a-lifetime moments have happened, I can recreate them however you want. Just send me the specifics and I’ll have a custom portrait ready for you to commemorate a lifetime (and a world) of their love.

The Perfect Engagement Gift by Chelsdrawsyou

Erin had me create this custom portrait as a gift this past July. I love making a new memory out of an already perfect one, like the day a couple gets engaged! Especially when it’s in a super cool place like Mexico.


Do they have an absolute favorite photo? They’ll never forget that first time out on their beloved boat together (like Dan and Katlyn). They certainly won’t forget the moment those four special words were asked (Will.You.Marry.Me)? Or maybe they just want to show off that rock! Whatever special memory you choose, I’ll recreate it so you can pop it into a lovely frame and give an equally memorable gift to celebrate this next chapter in their love story.

PS I can also add calligraphy to include the couples NEW last name (to-be)!

The Perfect Engagement Gift by Chelsdrawsyou

LOVE is always in style. And, especially at this time of year (probably because it makes for such vibey photos), couples all over are taking their commitment to each other one step further in the form of a proper engagement. You, as their loved one, are so happy to see them so happy, and you want to mark this moment with something really unique and special. Don’t you know I’ve always got your back – just get in contact with me and we’ll create the most magical piece so that you can all share in this special time together!

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